How old do my children have to be before I can leave them at home on their own?
There is currently no legal age of which a child has to be before he is left alone, this decision is left to the discretion of each individual parent. Parents need to be aware that when they leave their children alone they are still responsible for their children and any subsequent harm they may suffer. If a child is to be left alone, the parents need to be sure that their child is old and mature enough to be able to respond to any type of emergency situation that may arise without panicking. General advice is if you are not sure, don’t leave your child alone.
My Partner will not let me see the children since we separated, what can I do?

There are mediation services available to help separated parents manage shared care arrangements for their children and contact/access rights. You can seek help and advice from them. You do not have to attend with your separated partner.
Citizens advice will have local contact details for your area.

Seek legal advice - you will be asked if you have parental responsibility. If you were married to your partner at the time of your children's birth then you automatically have parental rights. If not then you will need to apply for parental rights before you will be able to progress with contact/access issues.

If we would like services from Call Us how much does it cost and how can we find out?
Call Us offer a variety of services within the community. the costs of which vary. Some services are provided as part of existing benefits - this means you or your relatives may be entitled to our services without even knowing it.
Some of our Services such as Play therapy and counselling have standard charges  - we can advise you via an email enquiry.
  Please email your questions to us and help us develop a questions and answer page that will help others.
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