These services follow our SPLAT programme - Specific Planned Learning Activity Time. This aims to: -

To provide a positive, productive, programme which encourages learning through experience for children/young people who are temporarily unable to attend school.

This programme is not curriculum based or academically based and is not an alternative education package but is a productive use of children/young people’s ‘school time.’ Re-integration into school is seen as the aim for every child on the programme and assistance in this process is an integral part of the service provided.

The programme embraces the philosophy of school, with systems and boundaries separate to those of the children/young people’s living situation, whilst working in close co-operation with carers.

The programme embraces the SCIP philosophy of behavioural management and all workers are fully SCIP trained.

Each child/young person will have an individually tailored programme timetable. Topics of interest are found for children/young people and learning opportunities are created around these.

Written monthly feedback will be provided for each child/young person.

We encourage open communication between carers and programme workers and are happy to respond to requests to attend meetings etc. in the best interest of the child/young person.

All programmes will be reviewed regularly at intervals decided at the outset.

Workers undertaking SPLAT are overseen by Senior Social Work Managers

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